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Hi, this is Kristiana. I write fanfiction about Korean idols! I love a ton of K-Pop boy groups and girl groups, but I only stan/have stanned a select few groups. So those are my favorites! I like other things like anime, dramas and Harry Potter, but I'm only really involved in K-Pop fandoms. (If I followed anything else, I would literally have no social life... OTL)

Aside from writing, I like drawing, making edits on Photoshop and baking too~

So, here's some basic facts about me...


Name: Kristiana
Age: 21
Occupation: University student
Lives in: Las Vegas, Nevada
Pictures: click if you dare~ (please excuse my face~)

I was born in Quezon City, Philippines, and left for the U.S. when I was 7 years old. I'm Filipino, but I'm basically a mix of Filipino, Spaniard and Chinese blood.


Current Groups I Stan: EXO, Infinite, APink, Red Velvet
Past Groups I've Stanned: DBSK (5), JYJ, Super Junior (though mostly SJM), SNSD, CSJH (the Grace), 2NE1
Soloists I Like: BoA, Zhang Liyin, K.Will, Lee Hyori, IU, Ailee, Lee Hi, Lim Kim, G.NA
Other Groups I Like: SHINee, f(x), SISTAR, VIXX, Kara, Wonder Girls, 9MUSES, Big Bang, Epik High, Crayon Pop, Girls Day

Top Biases: Tao, Sungjong, Eunji, Junsu, Henry, Zhou Mi, Onew, Tiffany, Amber, Luna, N, Sandara, Seungri, Wendy
Top OTPs: TaoHun, KaiSoo, MyungJong, WooYeol, EunRong, MinSu, YooSu, QMi, HenBer, KrysBer, JeTi, TaeNy, OnHo, OnTae, BaekYeol, MinXing, ChenLay, ChenMin, Neo, Rabin, Nyuk, Hyuken
Current Location: kitchen table?
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: Infinite - Cover Girl